St. Thomas Aquinas
Feast Day, January 28

Saint Thomas Page and Prayer
Dominican Contributions to the Intellectual Life of the Church by fr. Gregory Anderson, OP
THOMAS AQUINAS IN ENGLISH: A Bibliography by Thérèse Bonin
Tom O'Meara's Thomistic Bibliography
A Companion to the Summa, by Walter Farrell, O.P.
The Infancy Gospels from the CATENA AUREA - In Spanish
Pius XI "Studiorum Ducem" ON ST. THOMAS AQUINAS
Bio Adapted from Encyclopedia Brittanica.
Sample of Thomas Aquinas' handwriting, the "litterae unintelligibiles"!
Tips on Reading St. Thomas
Homily, by Fr. Brian Shanley, O.P.
Biography with Bibilographical Links
From St. Thomas Institute, Utrecht. A Brief Biography.
Catholic Encyclopedia (1913 ed.): Thomas Aquinas
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Summa Theologica
Summa Contra Gentiles
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Björn's Guide to Philosophy: St. Thomas Aquinas . . . by D.J. Kennedy, O.P.
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Image of Aquinas and the vision of the Cross
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Thomistic Philosophy Page
Stained Glass in the library at St. Thomas College, St. Paul
Saint Thomas Aquinas by Bro. Thomas Mary, M.I.C.M.
Centre for Thomistic Studies, Sydney, Australia